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Welcome to the Genealogy page for Clan Carmichael USA.  This is a site-in-progress so please bear with us.  Feel free to offer suggestions, submissions, comments and gentle criticism. 

Any information attached that you find useful should be carefully verified before accepting as "gospel". I don't do original research (except my own lines of course), and I don't verify the references that I find and post. I do always include sources, so that you can check the source you are interested in for accuracy.

If you are researching a Carmichael line and would like to have a query included in our Researcher's Guest Book, please send us the details of your search by filling out our Guest Book Submission Form. You can also browse our Guest Book to find others who may be researching your lines.

Any data that you would like to contribute would be appreciated. I can accept both printed and electronic (dBase, MS Word, MS Excel, Ultimate Family Tree, Roots III or IV, Visual Roots, Sesame, GEDCOM, or ASCII format) submissions. The benefits of having a central source of information on Carmichaels will only increase as more and more Clansmen add to the pool of resources. It's exciting to be working with genealogical data on a surname-wide scale. It makes me realize that we are all "cousins" somewhere along the line.

I wish you luck in your future research.

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The Isle of Lismore (Scotland) Community Web Site is now online. Visit them at and show your support. They have posted numerous lovely photos of the island, a community calendar, accommodations and restaurants, local history. And my favorite - a section devoted to the Lismore Historical Society. Donald Black, president of the Historical Society, has made the April 2001 newsletter available online, with promise of more to come. Look for information on the development of the Lismore Heritage Center in the future.

One of the best general genealogy sites on the Web is Cyndi's List, a huge list of "more than 38,500" genealogy links of all sorts. This site does not focus on genealogy 'content' but rather, provides a convenient menu of all major and most obscure Web sites of interest to genealogists.
Two not-to-be-missed Web sites are the US GenWeb Project and the World GenWeb Project. The US GenWeb has access to Web pages for every state, and most counties within the states. These pages are maintained by dedicated volunteers, and content varies from county to county. But the Web pages, and the associated GenWeb Archives, have a wealth of information. Be sure to check each county where your ancestor(s) were located during each "life-event".

The tune you hear is called The Four Marys or the Queen's Marys, Chief Richard Carmichael's favorite song. As he explains:

"The four young women who shared Mary Stuart’s Christian name, her childhood and her years in Scotland, act like a chorus in her wake and nowhere more so than in the popular ballad sometimes known as "The Queen’s Maries" or "The Ballad of Mary Hamilton".

Carmichaels everywhere know and cherish the song and respond with enthusiasm to its presentation beit to Scottish folk concerts in Britain or by Margaret Carmichael [Alexander Lyle] at Stone Mountain Games, Atlanta. The ballad has become our theme song’ emphasizing our antiquity and placing us within the current public perception of the core of Scottishness in a way no amount of other historical family achievements have been able to.

There is much confusion surrounding the ballad and the identity of the Queen’s Maries and indeed the incident related in the ballad, the execution of a lady-in-waiting for the murder of her child by the king refers to the court of Peter the Great in Russia not to the history of Mary Stuart’s [better known as Mary, Queen of Scots] court in Scotland.

That one of the four young women who shared Mary’s Christian name, her childhood and above all her years in Scotland was Mary Beaton and that another was Mary Seton causes no confusion but of the other four Maries; Mary Fleming and Mary Livingstone are more commonly associated with the Queen than the Mary Hamilton and Mary Carmichael of the song.

Mary Carmichael was the second daughter of the four girls and three boys fathered by Sir John Carmichael. Sir John was a man of much eminence and great loyalty to Queen Mary, who constituted him warden of the middle marches when still a young man, in which office he did great service to his country suppressing insurrections on the borders. Mary married John Lord Holyroodhouse.

Although it is undoubtedly true that the four Maries most associated with Queen Mary were Mary Beaton, Mary Seton, Mary Fleming and Mary Livingstone, one can be assured that the services of Lord Hamilton and Sir John Carmichael to the Queen were such that she would welcome the inclusion of Mary Hamilton and Mary Carmichael in this popular and famous ballad some four centuries later."

Richard Carmichael of Carmichael, Baron of Carmichael, County of Lanark, 30th Chief of the name and arms of Carmichael .

You can view the lyrics to the song here.

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This Web site has very kindly been mentioned in the Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter, a weekly publication of genealogy/computer related news, available online and through email. Mr. Eastman has also been the editor of Ancestry's quarterly print publication, Genealogical Computing, as well as the Forum Manager of CompuServe's Genealogy Forum and the associated site, Roots Computing. I've spent many enjoyable hours browsing through the file libraries on the Genealogy Forum, long before this material was available on the Internet. Alas, Compuserve has all but disappeared, swallowed by their parent company AOL / Time Warner.


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